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These USDA Certified Organic dog treats are made with organic chicken (or turkey) and sweet potato. With organic chicken as the #1 ingredient (high in protein), they’re a soft and chewy treat for picky pups of all sizes and ages.


Healthy fries for your pup!

Proudly made in the USA USDA Certified Organic Doggy meal deals coming soon we love you & your pup
Proudly made in the USA USDA Certified Organic Doggy meal deals coming soon we love you & your pup

Fast Pet Food

We chose to go above and beyond in regards to quality.  Our standards have never changed, and they never will.

USDA Certified Organic

We chose to make the highest quality dog treats possible.

Produced In the USA

Our treats are all sourced and produced in the USA.

Grain/Gluten Free

Always free of grain, gluten, sugar cane, byproduct & soy.

nothing artificial

100% free of artificial preservatives, colors & flavors.

Our mission.

what we're all about!

Our mission is to make “treating” fun & stress free – how it should be!

We also encourage health conscious pet parents to read and fully understand ingredient labels. The sad truth is that half of the pet food on retail shelves today should be thrown into the garbage, where it belongs (where it came from).

You can easily see why we are a passion driven, family owned business prioritizing our BFF’s (best furry friends) precious health and happiness before anything else!


Please contact us below if you have any more questions.

How did you guys come up with these ideas?

Lee McMullan, the founder, once grabbed ketchup from the fridge to dip into his homemade sweet potato fries. His dog Biscuit watched him carefully as she loves tomatoes more than anything! Lee was grabbing the ketchup while looking at Biscuit and thought, "ketch-pup"...a fun and delicious way of supplementing the abundant health benefits from ripe tomatoes with pet food. What is KetchPup without Fetch Fries?

Where are your products produced?

KetchPup is produced near San Francisco, CA, USA and Fetch Fries are produced near Chicago, IL, USA.

Where can I buy your products online?

What % of each Fetch Fry is made of organic meat?

At least 70%.

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